Friday, January 6, 2012

Run Your Software Safely Using Sandboxie


Have you ever confused when running software that you think might be dangerous to your computer? because i believe there is among you must be very confused on the issue, rather than your computer to be exposed to the virus and so on then you would prefer not to run such software.

You can use Sandboxie, with this software you can run the software that you think are not safe to run on your computer, because this software will not save the activity on the software that we run, so i believe it's very safe to run the software you without any worries.

Usually you are afraid of running a software because it is detected by Antivirus as a malicious program. so, the thing that's for sure you were afraid to run a software.

So, this software is only used for those of you who want to see information on the software that we want to run, saving only happens when we run the Sandboxie program and if it closes the program that we run the application will be closed as well and are not stored on our computers.

How To Install:
I'm sure you can install it.

How To Use:
1. Run the Sandboxie.
2. After that, looking for software that you want to run then right click for Run Sandboxed, then it will display the new window and select DefaultBox.
3. In this window you will be warned that you use Sandboxie for 30 days, click Click to close this window and contunue button.
4. If successful you will see the title with # in the program that we run and the border will be yellow. see the picture below:
5. If you want to close it, close it as usual.

Download : Here

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