Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Manage Cookies In Firefox With Advanced Cookies Manager

Advanced Cookies Manager

I apologize, because this blog has not updated about 2 weeks, because there are busy so I need to do even this blog dormant.

By the way, talking about the Cookies, do you know what is meant by cookies? cookies is small text sent by the server and stored on the browser of computer client that serves for keeping in who we are, so the server not only knows us from ip address, but also through cookies.

So, to manage the name cookies, you need an add-ons firefox to manage cookies, and add-ons that you can use is Advanced Cookies Manager.

1) Add / Delete / Modify Cookies
2) Filter display of cookies
3) Monitor LIVE cookie changes on the system
4) One Click "Clear all cookies"

And still there are many other features that you can try, therefore you are welcome to download them to a link that has been provided below.

Download: Here

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