Monday, December 5, 2011

Mastercard Payoneer Have Been Received

- Mastercard Payoneer Have Been Received - Today, i have received my Payoneer Mastercard after waiting one more month, these results and the posting of my article Get Free Mastercard Payoneer From Infolinks some time ago.

Without stalling I immediately turn on my credit card, and enter my credit card number and my new pin.

And i like this message,

My Account / Confirmation

Your card has been activated successfully.
Note: If your new card replaces a previously active card, funds and services will be transferred from the previous card to the new one. Please allow 2 hours for the transfer to complete.
Do not use it unless funds are loaded. Some ATM's will "eat" your card, if you use it without any funds available.

Thank you,
The Payoneer Team.

No strings attached again the following letter I received:

Sorry if any pictures because it's censored for security and privacy to me.

So there is no doubt to get a free Payoneer credit card from Infolinks, go to open the account Infolinks today.

Good Luck!

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Yay, that's cool! I'll go apply an account. Thanks for the update. :)

Yeps, your welcome i`m very glad you have enjoy my post.

Oooppz... wait! May you like this... before submit your comment.

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