Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Free Mastercard Payoneer From Infolinks

A few days ago I received information about the company pay per click/ppc/cpc which gives Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard credit cards for free, after a visit to the scene found the right company to give a free card from Payoneer prepaid mastercard, and the company is Infolinks.

Here are the steps to get the card:

1. Register first of course in and suppose already registered and are being logged. This point is felt no need anymore friends Well dijelasin surely already know, and if already there infolinks account please skip this point.

2. After that we had at the start menu / report, so now we're looking for the "My Account" which is right on the right side menu and click on the report, certainly.

3. Now we are at the beginning of the menu "Account Settings" tab we're looking again to edit on the "Payment Details" and click is for sure.

4. If already entered here, then navigate the text click here link on the circle "* Recommended: Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard ®" and certainly we click that link.

5. Then we will be redirected to the link partner of Payoneer infolinks earlier, will be faced with Payoneer register link earlier.

6. The final step to fill this data we are required by Payoneer, please read them carefully.

And after that click "Finish" then we will wait two answers are good and bad that is "Approved" or "Not Approved", and at the author of this article contains an existing single email stating the status of approval and at least 10 minutes-an The second email has entered an order stating that the request is received by my Payoneer.

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Is this really true? Maybe there are hidden charges beneath it.. Well, I will see for myself. Thanks for sharing it. :)

I think not, and I've been asked by my friends. for more details but I will also wait for delivery of debit card. to prove free or not.


Sweet! I'll wait for your update so I can try it also. :)

These are really nice and clear steps in getting the card. :)

yeps, thx for ur visit. and i hope this articel be useful for all.

A friend was telling me about this free mastercard and here, I just found the steps on how to have it! :)

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@articles: okay friend, i`ll update my blog asap :) thx for coming.

Thank you so much for sharing the information about the get free master card. It is helpful information for me. keep it up.

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