Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do not worry about the Alexa rank of "no data" brother

Have you ever imagine that the Alexa rank was "no data" available on your website or blog turns out the original results from Alexa? after I have studied is apparently the result that we see on our site it was not the actual results, to prove we can look at the official site Alexa.

That picture of "no data" that we got on our site, but how the results we can after seeing the results of the original on the official site Alexa. I tried this when clicking the Alexa widget on my blog.

Click image above to enlarge, and rank the results shown are 12,839,613, very surprising when we see the results on our site with "no data" rather different results.

So, for all do not immediately discouraged by the rank site that is still "no data" keep the spirit. because although it is still "no data" that's because Alexa has not updating rank so that our site has been no rank, but in fact we already have a website ranking on Alexa.

Note: you are advised to install the Alexa toolbar so you can see updates from Alexa rankings, and do not forget to create articles related to Alexa in order to speed up the Alexa rank of the original will appear on our site.

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Thanks for sharing these & very well explain post. Some thing new to learn from this helpful post.

I never encountered this problem (I'm using SEO Quake add-on Mozilla), but there is something wrong about the page rank. It always displays N/A, have you encountered it also?

yes, but now it`s no longer N/A

I'm also having trouble with PR, all site displays N/A. I think they changed something about it, and I'm still waiting for the update that will fix it up.

Yeah I've encountered that same problem, too. The PR is also having some troubles, but I think it's going to update also anytime sooner. :)

I'm experiencing it on Firefox using SEO Quake, in Google Chrome I think they already fixed it using SEO Quake too.

I just hope it's going to be fixed. Mine has the same problems especially in my Firefox. Or my PC just has its own problems, I'm not quite sure. :D

Mine still not working, both Mozilla and Chrome. I'm using other site just to check it out, though I'm not sure if its accurate or not.

Try re-installing it, it works fine with me. Hope this helps. :)

@Mineral Makeup

Yay! Worked on me (on SEO bar), thanks!

Oooppz... wait! May you like this... before submit your comment.

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