Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to fix flashdisk error and not accessible

This is my first post, since now I am again troubled the flash drive error and not accessible then I want to try to share how to fix the flash drive with the problems as mentioned above.

It's very diverse problems that occur from the flash drive, such as error, unreadable, inaccessible, does not detect and others. course of each flash drive is a problem there must be a solution to solve the problem on the flash drive is just that we do not know how to fix or methods.

And here I will tell you how to fix the flash drive problems mentioned above.


1. Open the program command prompt (cmd), at the start -> search programs "run" -> then type cmd and press enter.
2. After the command prompt then you type "chkdsk /F H:" but do not press enter yet, but you have to replace H: with your flash drive first, if it is complete then you can directly press enter.
3. If there is a notice you just press enter and enter until the flash drive has finished the examination of the files that caused flash drive error.
4. You can trying to open folder where flash drive be.

Caution: This method is 90% successful, and the possibility of existing files on the flash will be lost depending on how severe the damage that occurs in flash drive.

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Your bit of caution is definitely unnerving... but I assume that it is very rare for that to happen though.

@alhimni : key

@lincoln ne computer repair: yeps, thanks for ur input

is this a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system?

@whole: i have tested in 32 bit :)

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@run : its work for all.

nice posting...sangat informatif banget mas.....thanks for the share
numpang berbagi info menarik neh boleh yah :D

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thanks for sharing this it happened several time with my flash drive.

@diamond : ur welcome bro..

Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks.

@julia : yw julia, do not forget to come back...

Thanks.. This article really fix my flash disk problem...

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