Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to download video from youtube with Keepvid

Now, to download videos from YouTube very easy, just use the tools we've been able to take videos from Youtube, these tools are very widely circulated on the internet, but here I will tell you how to download videos from Youtube using the services of KeepVid.

There are two ways to download videos from Youtube, is:

- Web-Based Methods
- Methods Software

Through the website, the browser I use is Google Chrome, possible with other browsers it's the same.

1. You are now on the Youtube site, prepare a Youtube video that you want to download and save the video link.
2. Go to site Keepvid.com and paste it in the form and click download.

3. After that, you will see a window pop up and mark the words "Always trust content from this publishers" and click the run button. (optional)

4. Wait a few moments, you'll be given the option of downloading the desired video type.

5. Now you can click on download videos based on the desired video extension.

Through the software, but still continue to use the internet connection.

1. Open Keepvid.exe software.
2. Just enter Youtube video link and follow easy instruction as above.
3. Completed!

The author himself prefers the online on the website, due to faster and more convenient, but depending on what method want you use.

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Thanx for visitng me! hope to see u soon again! :) in ur next visit be sure click some ads! i'll do the same for u! :)

I need this for my report, there are videos that I want to download for my PPT report. Your post saved me, thanks!

@toxifier : i`ll visit u back...

@aneheim : i`m very glad can help u... thx for visit...

Been looking for this! thanks!

@rob : ur welcome buddy... very glad can help u...

Thanks for sharing. Keepvid.com and Wantyoutube.com are both good tricks I often use to download Youtube videos. Nice article! Very informative!

Is Keepvid application free to use? And what if I download a movie in 720p, it will convert to a high quality video or just the size will become 720? I don't have much time to check it out. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

@billy : ur welcome.

@arizona : yes, its free for online use but for program you must bought licence from their site to activate the program.

I have already a account on facebook named alltimeoffer and you can find online shopping mall in india there so everyone can visit there for any help

Awesome! With this I can download anime in my pc. :D Thanks!

I've always found it weird how they keep us from downloading content that we can get for free anyway.

I'm using Freecorder to capture videos on youtube, but there are no options where I can choose my desired extension. By the way, can I download videos from other sites using this Keepvid?

@Life Insurance: Yes you can do it, from Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!

Thanks for the free software, I can now download music videos from Youtube to my phone. :)

I hope there's a keepvid program on Android or iOS..

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